Thursday, March 4, 2010

Confessions of a Clorox Wipe Junkie

Okay. I admit it. Prior to this project, I was a Clorox Wipe Junkie. I used many, Many, MANY wipes on a daily basis. Well, since the new year, I have tried to clean up my bad habits and I include this as an ugly habit. I have come to dislike using so many chemicals around my children and who knows how many pounds I have contributed to the landfills with wipes alone! SO what's a girl to do?

I started with using cloth wipes a lot more (in place of paper towels, as well) and while not as convenient, I realize how much I was wasting so I am happy to do this ... most of the time. But here's the secret. I am a bit of a germophobe. And the cloths and sponges sometimes scare me. There are times, I want to wipe and throw away. Just saying.

I went on a search and I found Seventh Generation's Disinfecting Wipes. I checked out their website ( and I learned a lot. They use recycled paper products and disclose all their ingredients. In these wipes, the active ingredients are Lemongrass & Thyme.

The wipes are definitely more expensive but they do have coupons on their site ( They cleaned well, though to be honest, I did not like the odor. I can abide it, however, because I do feel better for using them (and I will probably use less with the smell). Less chemicals. Less waste.

So, I am a reformed wipe user. As to Seventh Generation, I was impressed enough by their philosophy that I am going to try more products. I will keep you posted. Are there any paper/household products that you love?

And in the name of full disclosure, Seventh Generations does not know I exist. I went to the store and bought the wipes and I found their website on the back of their bottle. So I hope that makes it all clear. :-)


Nancy C said...

I keep the Clorox wipes for the real serious stuff...vomit, intense mucus. Good times.

But, I find that Tea Tree Oil (which smells purdy) and water works well as a general disinfectant.

We gave up paper towels a few years ago. We go through rags like nobody's business, but they work well for us.

Amira said...

There are some other brands that work well, too. I think the best place to go and compare products is the big Whole Foods Market. Field trip!! Oh, and Whole Foods is downtown and Brown Bar is downtown.........hmm, what to do?

Unknown Mami said...

Good for you! I am very anti-clorox. It's not good for you or the environment, but on a more personal note one time the fumes from the clorox really did a number on me and I lost my voice for over a week. It was quite scary. Granted it was more Clorox than would be in a wipe, but since then my body is repulsed by Clorox.

Anonymous said...

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