Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Working on It... Next Question

So thanks to everyone who has already followed me over here and started chiming in with advice. It is exactly what I had hoped for.

As to my dumping the Pull-up challenge, I am starting to investigate the cloth options for night but in the mean, I found these pods that go into the training pant.They supposedly help teach with a cold feeling -- I've seen no evidence of that -- but they are very absorbent and a useful tool for running around town and sleeping. I know that it is not a completely disposable-free option but it is certainly smaller than the pull-up so I think we are improving. Even if just a little?

So here's my next question. I want to start a little garden on my patio. Because I am in Texas, our winter weather is relatively mild most of the time (ignoring this bizarre Arctic push we are currently experiencing) so I've been told that I don't have to wait for Spring for hearty vegetables. Any suggestions? Are certain plants easier than others? I have read some on-line but I was hoping for real life experience. I am also curious if anyone has tried the herb garden in a box set and or the "As Seen On TV" hanging tomatoes?

So thanks again for coming round. Each week I will try to institute an improvement for our family and the environment. And my husband wants you to know that the fun stuff is coming soon.


Sonya said...

I looked up container garden veggies when growing mine. I grew cucumbers,tomatoes,bell peppers,jalapenos,strawberries..there are more but again I would google it and because of where you live you might beable to grow different things.

Nancy C said...

I'm starting to investigate cloth diapers too. I can't believe I just wrote that sentence.

kys said...

I tried container gardening last year and it was a DIE-ZASTER. My pots were too small for anything to grow properly. A friend of mine told me she used Earth Gardens and that they were fabulous. They're expensive though. (I think that's the name.)

Cold Comfort said...

DIE-ZASTER! I love that!

I will look into the Earth Gardens. I might just got Home Depot and do it from scratch. Because I haven't set myself up for failure enough this year! Haha!