Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Gone Too Long

Lest you think that three weeks of green living swept us away, I've been out sick. And we are still recovering. I must say that I think a mother of a potty training two year old who has the flu (or flu-like mess) deserves a medal of valor. Or at least a Girl Scout style merit badge. Maybe I will start a Mother Scout troop so we can collect colorful and cool badges. But I digress.

As I said I have been away due to illness but we have continued our efforts in lessening our footprint. We've become concerned with our cleaning products. I know that there are many "green" lines out there but it's hard to distinguish between marketing and actual quality green products. So we have considered going old school -- vinegar and water, baking soda, bleach and water, etc. (I love the British show, "How Clean is Your House?" and they use a lot of homemade cleaners.)

Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Any green products out there worth our time and money? Let me know what you think.


Nancy C said...

I think you already know this, but I just posted on this very topic. Like, today. :)

Cold Comfort said...

What a weird, wild world! I had will be linking you up!!! Thanks!

Unknown Mami said...

I use vinegar for almost everything. I also like the "Naked" line by method, but I only use it every once in a while.

Amira said...

Mrs. Meyer's Cleaning, Seventh Generation, Ecover, Caldrea. Personally, I use Ecover cleaning supplies because they don't bother my allergies like Windex does. My mom loves Mrs. Meyer's products. I use vinegar to clean my wood floors and it works great.

Cold Comfort said...

Thanks guys, keep them coming!